Weight Loss Method From Lemongrass Full Guide

Weight loss method from lemongrass, ginger, rock sugar, and fresh lemon Nice to meet you and you again on the natural beauty post. You and dear friends Currently, obesity, being overweight is considered an epidemic It poses a potential threat in the future Reduces our longevity and quality of life.

Weight loss method from lemongrass

An overweight body Makes psychology of inferiority complex, afraid to communicate Not only that but being obese also has a huge impact on health. They are the cause of the risk of diseases Diabetes Cardiovascular, blood pressure and blood fat, That’s why weight loss is becoming a top urgent issue Many people are interested Below natural beauty channel will share with you and you Weight loss method from lemongrass, ginger, rock sugar, and fresh lemon Invite you to join us To do this method We need to prepare the following utensils and ingredients.

Today’s supplies we need to prepare A pot of children A knife A filter And finally Spoons and tongs The main ingredient of our day is lemongrass, lemongrass contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C And especially organic acids When these three substances work together, they have antioxidant abilities, boosting metabolism in the body. As a result, the excess fat is gradually broken down and eliminated. Besides lemongrass has hot properties, they help keep the heat for a long time, it is effective in burning fat.

lose weight very effectively

Support to lose weight very effectively guys Our second ingredient is ginger Here I take both the tree and the ginger root But when we use it we take only the ginger root Ginger has a very good slimming effect Because ginger has hot properties to help burn excess fat effectively.

Specifically, in ginger, there are zingaro and sugar Helps increase the pH in the stomach Cholesterol control And especially to promote fat breakdown Therefore, ginger can be considered as one of the fastest and most effective ingredients for getting in shape.

The last ingredient today

The third ingredient we need to prepare today is rock sugar Alum sugar has a sweet, sweet taste, cool properties help to cool down, improves digestion, stimulates metabolism. From that Helps to burn excess body fat, besides this sugar if used properly It does not affect your blood sugar too much The last ingredient today We need to prepare lemons In the picture, as you all know Lemons contain hydrochloric acid, an organic acid Has the effect of supporting metabolism.

Especially in lemons have a functional component polimopeptin, they inhibit appetite Should support weight loss is also very good sir In addition to these ingredients, we need to prepare a little more water After preparing all ginger and ingredients You together with me we implement this method.

Step 1

We use a knife to stamp out the lemongrass We put lemongrass out I crushed lemongrass like this Then we cut lemongrass.

Step 2

We use a knife to cut the ginger into thin slices When using ginger, we just need to wash it without peeling Here I have washed ginger very clean.

Step 3

We put the freshly sliced ​​ginger and lemongrass in a saucepan And now We add in the saucepan a glass of water Now I’m going to bring this ginger and lemongrass to boil We boil the ginger and lemongrass for about 5 to 7 minutes, guys While waiting for our ginger and lemongrass to boil, we proceed to

step 4

We squeezed it into the cup 1/2 lemon We remember to squeeze through the filter Now Our ginger and lemongrass have been boiled This is lemongrass and ginger. I just boiled Now take a cup of ginger juice and lemongrass into a cup of lemon juice In here we have already distributed 1/2 lemon, we pour water.Here’s a cup of lemongrass and ginger juice plus 1/2 a lemon

Step 5

we add in the cup A little bit of rock sugar You note that we can add the lemongrass and ginger to the alum sugar Or now we can We hit it all Add sugar with lemon juice And lemongrass and ginger dissolve evenly.

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We have a glass of water Lemongrass Ginger Fresh lemon and sweet alum sugar are very delicious You drink this ginger juice every day Before or after meals are fine Depending on the taste of each person, if you drink it hot Then you let warm you drink. If you drink it cold, you can put it in the refrigerator.

lemongrass and ginger is always maintained

Because hot or cold, it still works, the warmth in lemongrass and ginger is always maintained No change, guys Although this weight loss liquid method is great if you have a history of stomach or diabetes, blood pressure. Should not apply Because the active ingredients in this water will interfere with the drugs you are taking.

The degree of our weight loss depends on each person, each location We keep drinking this ginger juice daily After a certain time, we will get back in shape as you guys very simple, right Wish you success and always be beautiful Dear friends Just now, the beauty post from nature has shared with you and your friends how to lose weight from Ginger, lemongrass Rock sugar and lemon are very safe and effective.


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