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Method of making skin care mask with cabbage Fresh milk, eggs and olive oil Nice to meet you and you again on the natural beauty post You and dear friends As a woman, everyone wants to have a soft, bright white skin So we are always on the lookout for skin care treatments But not everyone is lucky enough to have a perfect formula Suitable for my skin.

Skin care Routine

Especially in the dry season For those of you who have irritated skin that is difficult to take care of May Just a small impact Is also making our skin red They make the skin dry, flaky, and unsightly If you still wonder what you will do with difficult skin Then take a very little time Come with us Below natural beauty Blog Will bring it to you and to you Methods of making skin care masks With cabbage.

Skin care method

Fresh milk, eggs and olive oil Invites you and friends Follow along To do this method You need to prepare Some of the ingredients and utensils are as follows Today’s supplies need to prepare Bowl and cup A knife, spoon and tongs Today’s main ingredient It’s cabbage Cabbage is a familiar vegetable for Vietnamese families Especially for Northern families.

Cabbage vegetables are usually

Cabbage vegetables are usually My sisters put on the tray of dishes Stir-fried cabbage, boiled cabbage A little further down is the steamed cabbage rolls According to experts, eating cabbage is very healthy Limiting aging, as well as enhancing the body’s resistance Besides health benefits Cabbage is also a great ingredient to take care of our skin The composition of cabbage is a lot of vitamins Specifically, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C Vitamin K Helps skin always young And especially suitable for all skin types

The second ingredient you need to prepare today

The second ingredient you need to prepare todayIt is fresh milk without sugar Fresh milk has a rich composition of moisturizers Vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E help provide minerals and moisture Essential for skin. Especially with its high lattic acid content, unsweetened fresh milk is also effective in removing dead cells Prevent acne formation Maintains elasticity, slows down the aging process of the skin Help bright and youthful skin Protect from the effects of the sun The third ingredient that you need to prepare is chicken eggs The amount of protein in the egg yolks Helps maintain skin elasticity Prevent sagging.

Premature aging of the skin

Premature aging of the skin The amount of vitamin A in the egg yolk is likely Soothe the inflammation of acne Nourishes skin from within Besides that Group of healthy fats in eggs Is an essential element to maintaining the softness of the skin Our fourth ingredient today is olive oil Olive oil contains powerful antioxidants including Vitamin A and polyphenols, which help to eliminate free radicals that damage the skin.
Repel aging, improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles as well as provide moisture to the skin
After you have prepared both utensils and 4 ingredients. You guys, together with me, let’s do this method together.

Step 1, we pre-process cabbage, when the cabbage you buy

We wash the outside of the cabbage thoroughly, then chop it with a knife Finished chopping cabbage, we have to wash it again Soak in salt water for 10 to 15 minutes Then we put the cabbage in a saucepan Boil carefully, guys To save time, I’ve pre-boiled some cabbage This is the cabbage I boiled With this boiled cabbage, you put it in a blender You boil a little water, then grind the whole water We puree the cabbage, I’ll go and grind the cabbage When the cabbage has been chattering We give the bowl 5 teaspoons of cabbage. Next We put 3 tablespoons of unsweetened fresh milk in a bowl of cabbage And now We take the egg yolk, you note
In this method we only get the yolks.
You can make a small hole in the egg to separate the whites, but here I am This is the yolk we put in the cabbage bowl Final You put it in this bowl One teaspoon olive oil After you have all four ingredients, beat them well with a spoon We beat them evenly for these 4 ingredients to blend together into a homogeneous mixture And this is the final product we get today A homogeneous bowl of cabbage, egg yolks, unsweetened fresh milk and olive oil.
The way you use this mixture is as follows, you clean your face with warm water then apply evenly This mixture is on the face Gently massage the nutrients in the mixture Penetrates deep into each cell of the skin Feed, take care And replenish moisture to the skin, then leave on skin for 15 minutes.

Final Step

Finally, clean your face with cool water You just keep following this skin care method With a frequency of 1 to 2 times per week After a certain amount of time, we will be surprised to see our facial skin turn on And white and smooth, guys very simple, right.

Eggs And Olive Oil Are Simple And Effective

Wish you success and always be beautiful You and dear friends. Just now, natural beauty Have shared with you and your friends how to make a cabbage skin care mask. Fresh milk, eggs and olive oil are simple and effective. Hope to share above
Will be helpful for you in beauty


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