Blogging For Business – 5 benefits of blogging to boost your social medias 2021

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So today I wanted to talk to you about the benefits of blogging for business you may be wondering what blogging has to do with social media platforms but you’ll find it’s a great tool to boost your normal social media content as a keen blogger myself, it’s easy for me to shout about the joys of blogging there are many reasons why people blog but in this video I want to talk to you about my top five these five reasons all relate to boosting my business and I thought you know what I want to share them with you.

Blogging For Business

Overall blogging helps to increase your customer’s trust in you and build your reputation. Giving away good quality free advice is the best way to gain trust and show that you know what you’re doing.

A blog can be about anything you know about so a piece of advice a product review an opinion piece pointing to a product or service you like to use or pointing to your own product or services anything like that is perfect for blogging for example although I’m a social media expert I’m quite happy to write things like book reviews so if I found a useful business book I’m quite happy to write about that and give away the advice to my fans. So let’s get stuck in reason number one to blog…

it gives you something to talk about now don’t worry I understand let’s face it sometimes it can be hard to think of things to post on social media if you start blogging your content will give you plenty to talk about and share; not only can you share that blog in its entirety, so you can do a post saying you know read my blog, but you can also break it down into smaller bullet points so that might be little individual nuggets that you can post on your social media over time.

regularly share post

Just make sure to regularly share I like to post my blogs on Linkedin and uh on our website both of which pique interest in what we do. Reason number two – you get to show your expertise it’s time to shine the more you share your thoughts opinions and expertise the more people are going to trust you they’re going to buy from you they’re going to refer to you and hopefully even quote you blogging for your business allows you to quickly share your knowledge educate your audience and in turn promote what you’re doing the more frequently you blog and the more places that you post them the more you will find yourself building your business your brand your reputation and hopefully your sales.

I, for example, have been a guest blogger on some of the biggest websites out there including Yahoo, Microsoft and Virgin all you need to do is get started. Reason number three – it improves your SEO so your search engine optimization this is probably the most obvious and frequent reason why people start to blog for business but you want to be top of your search engine and you want to increase traffic to your website so regularly blogging on your website or even other sites and linking back to your website will dramatically increase your chances of being ranked by the search engines. Good quality content boosts your visibility and credibility to get you found online just make sure you write about relevant topics and try to incorporate keywords um or search terms that relate to your industry and what you’re actually talking about.

blogging is a fast brand awareness

Reason number four – build awareness of your brand and products at the very least blogging is a fast brand awareness exercise posting on relevant platforms sharing with other social media accounts and starting conversations are great ways of getting your blog but your brand out there too if you can explain how to use a product you sell or how to avoid pitfalls it’s a great way to get engagement.

updates on your products and service

And finally reason number five – blogging encourages repeat business blogging keeps you fresh in your client’s minds it shows them more of your expertise it promotes um your extended services and products you’d be very surprised no but a lot of your clients don’t know everything that you offer trust me so blogging gives you so much more to create a virtuous circle by cross-referencing your thoughts advice and updates on your products and service all across your social media.

Have fun and show your expertise and the best bit it doesn’t cost you a penny. By the way, if you don’t feel confident about writing a blog then either ask someone you work with to write it or quite easily you can invite guest bloggers to write something for you, a guest can complement your expertise or even open up new or related topics that keep your image fresh and dynamic with your clients.

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